Portfolio Design

Interested in applying to a school or job that requires a portfolio?
These classes are for you! It does not matter what age you are, all you need is an interest and a destination for your future. I am here to help you get there.
In Portfolio Design, unleash your creative potential across any field! Discover the art of crafting impactful portfolios tailored to showcase your unique talents and achievements. From layout techniques to content selection, delve into the essentials of presenting your work effectively. Lessons are based on each individual's portfolio desire - whether you aspire to be a designer, artist, or entrepreneur, this class is your gateway to expressing your style and skills with confidence - my purpose is to help you put together your collection for the school, employer or client you are looking to impress.
First 6 1-hour sessions | $240
Next 3 1-hour sessions (beyond 6) | add $75
Next 3 1-hour sessions (beyond 9) | add $55
Additional 1-hour session (after 12) | $30 per session

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