Fashion Marketing

What is Fashion Marketing and what does it involve? 
If you choose to learn more about this field, I create an age-appropriate lesson for the individual skill level of each student. 
From sourcing to promotion, advertising to social media influencing, explore a variety of marketing methods that will elevate your fashion brand. Delve into the art of branding, licensing, and standing out from the crowd. Want to become an influencer? Learn how to narrow down your target market and captivate your audience effectively while utilizing different social media platforms to expand your horizons. 
Bring a business to life with a creative flair as we embark on a journey of fashion marketing mastery. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or simply passionate about the fashion industry, these sessions are designed just for you.
Get ready to make your mark in the world of fashion! 
First 4 1-hour sessions | $160
Next 2 1-hour sessions (beyond 4) | add $50
Next 2 1-hour sessions (beyond 6) | add $30
Additional 1-hour session (after 8) | $30 per session

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