Write and Illustrate a Book or Comic

Are you looking for something super cool to learn – about being creative with graphics, digital stuff, and fashion?
You get to use your imagination and turn your ideas into something real and awesome!
Imagine drawing your own characters for a video game or designing a comic book for your favorite superhero team or creating the pictures for your own book. The possibilities are endless when you let your creativity shine!
With 10 years in the fashion industry and dual degrees from FIT, I blend expertise with 7 years as a certified teacher, Elevate your child's skills and creativity with personalized tutoring sessions tailored to their unique learning needs as an artist.
 Let's unlock their potential together! 
First 6 1-hour sessions | $240
Next 3 1-hour sessions (beyond 6) | add $75
Next 3 1-hour sessions (beyond 9) | add $55
Additional 1-hour session (after 12) | $30 per session

See "My Book" to order a copy - also available on Amazon.

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