Curriculum Writing

This service goes out to all administrators or schools seeking an experienced curriculum writer for fashion programs in Career & Technology Education settings. With a track record of crafting engaging and comprehensive curricula, I offer expertise in developing tailored courses to suit various skill levels and program structures - including unit overviews, pacing guides, state standards, objectives, knowledge, essential questions, activities, modifications & differentiation, rubrics & project-ideas for assessment and more. Having authored eight curricula, including multi-course pathways like Fashion Design, Marketing, and Illustration, I am well-versed in meeting diverse educational needs. From beginner electives to full pathways with CTE advisory board compliance, I ensure alignment with industry standards and student success.
Let's collaborate to elevate your fashion education offerings and empower students for future success in the dynamic world of fashion!
30-min consultation of service | free
Course Syllabus | $50+
Curriculum review with minor edits/suggestions | $100+ | up to 2 hours
Curriculum update of standards | $150+ | up to 4 hours
Curriculum Revision | $1000 | up to 20 hours
Curriculum Re-Write | $1500 | up to 20 hours
New Course Curriculum | $2500 | up to 50 hours
Program of Studies Pathway and Curriculum (3 courses) | $5000+ | up to 100 hours

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