"I think it's the responsibility of a designer to try to break rules and barriers." -Gianni Versace

"Design for a Decade"
This is one of my favorite assignments in my Fashion Illustration classes. Each student is assigned a decade from U.S. history and they are required to design three outfits inspired by that decade. During this unit, I introduce different forms of inspiration and research. To help the process, each day, we watched a TV show that takes place during a decade with accurate costumes of the time – each student is to make one thumbnail for submission. At the end of the day, I put together a slideshow for each decade to be used as part of the inspiration for the design of whomever is assigned that time period.
The slide shows in the links below show examples from some of the decades as the thumbnails had been submitted:
"Holiday Avant Garde"
Designs inspired by students’ holiday decorations or their family menu.
"Country of Heritage"
For this project, we worked on using a country of our heritage as inspiration. While I did not complete the full assignment, I am posting some examples I provided during my demonstrations.

"Design your Dream Wedding"
This project we designed our Weddings. Click here to see the Project Rubric.

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